Cleans all your favorite footwear quickly and easily with Instant Shoes Cleaner Wipes. Shoes can be worn immediately after cleaning, or can even be cleaned while wearing. Our Wipes contain hand care ingredients as well, so they will not dry out or irritate your hands!

  • REMOVES EVERYDAY DIRT AND GRIME: Sneaker wipes are perfect for leather, vinyl, or any other shoe that requires a good cleaning
  • CLEAN YOUR SHOES WITHOUT TAKING THEM OFF: No need to waste time. Simply grab a wipe and start scrubbing your shoes
  • GENTLE ON YOUR HANDS: Our wipes use a gentle cleaning solution containing multiple hand care ingredients to make sure your hands stay safe while cleaning.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL OR LOCKER ROOMS: Ideal to carry with you anywhere you go
  • Package: 1 pack of 5pcs
  • Size: 6 x 19 cm

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