Kill 100%Cockroach

Roach infestations are not only disgusting, they're also downright dangerous to you and your family's health. Don't let these nasty pets take over your home and your life!
Get rid of cockroaches that are endangering your health in just a few days. This is aguaranteed safe & effective solutionno more expensive pest control tactics that don't really work.


  • Gel-based cockroach killer
  • Apply 10-20 dots of Gel in dry areas and corners of the kitchen
  • Odorless gel bait attracts hidden cockroaches
  • Cockroaches eat the gel & die within 4hrs, after going back to the nest
  • Other cockroaches in the nest, die as they get infected too
  • Thus the entire nest of the cockroach gets killed in 2-3 days


  • Apply a small amount of gel on a spot (ideally around 0.5 grams) to areas out of reach of children or pets
  • Apply it on cracks and crevices, along walls or floors, behind or under equipment or furniture, around your sink, within or near garbage collection areas, attics, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices in cabinets or just about anywhere you suspect roaches can lurk around.
  • For severe infestations, ideally, place one spot every other 30-45cm. Applythegel after 5-7 days to kill roaches thoroughly
  • Inspect where you placed your gels regularly to check if it has been consumed. Re-apply if needed.

    Package Include:
  • Anti Cockroach Control Gel X1

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