Stand and walk all day pain-free with these amazing insoles!

Are you having problems with your FEET and LEGS Are you EXPERIENCING PAIN and DISALIGNMENT to the LOWER PART of your body Here is a SOLUTION for you, introducing the FOOT ORTHOPEDIC INSOLE.

Foot Orthopedic Insole is SPECIAL INSOLES that are SPECIALLY DESIGNED to PROTECT and SUPPORT your WHOLE BODY starting with your FEET. It is BIOCHEMICALLY ENGINEERED that FEATURES a DEEP HEEL CUP that CONTOURS around your HEEL and ARCH to provide a maximum STABILITY, PROPER ALIGGMENT, and SHOCKN ABSORBENCY. It PROVIDES a PROTECTION RELIEF from Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Plantar fasciitis, and other foot pain symptoms. It CORRECTS ABNORMAL WALKING patterns and RELIEVES from other BONE and MUSCLE PAINS.

Foot Orthopedic Insole is made with SPECIAL MATERIAL that really proves its EFFECTIVITY and COMFORTABILITY. It is BREATHABLE and SWEAT-WICK making it ODERLESS when used. These soles are an EXTREMELY SOOTHING solution for those who are FLAT FOOTED, have RUNNER s KNEE, SHIN SPLINTS, and ACHILES TENDITIS. It has a NON-SLIP design that can HOLD your FEET in PLACE throughout the day.

Foot Orthopedic Insole is ADJUSTABLE as it can be TRIMMED to SUIT the RIGHT SIZE of your FEET. The insole is 100% WASHABLE for a long time usage.

  • 1 Pair x Foot Orthopedic Insole

Ariana S.

I bought this product for my boyfriend used them right away. He loved the fact they were very comfortable. They stay in place dont slip down. Going to order second pair for his work boots.


They fit perfectly in my Vans. And the arch support is right where my arch is. Others supports that I have tried never hit where my arch is. These fit perfect!!


I have a lot of pronation with my left foot. Bought some nice Brooks shoes which helped some. Tried a different insole, not much help. Got these and they are awesome. Stopped the pronation. Feel great. May be the best insoles I have tried. Reasonably priced. I will be buying more.


So far so good. It fits perfectly inside my converses...

Diego Vega

efficient and confort


I am so happy to have found these insoles. I received them yesterday and they feel just wonderful. I didn't even have to trim them. Earlier this year I bought orthotic's from a podiatrist. $600.00 , they actually killed my feet. Since I have tried 4 different kinds of insoles, none of them helped. I bought blue one's and they hug my arch gently and give me adequate support without any pain what so ever. Thank's to the person who answered my questions, and to those who wrote reviews, because that was a lot of help for a new buyer. I highly recommend these as I have very flat feet and severe pronation. My balance is mush better with them and I have happy feet.

Marcia Wallace

Great product the only problem I have is tha makes a noise when I walk


Very comfortable

Sherman Smith

I bought these to put in my work shoes. I needed something with the insole because I walk on pavement all day but I also needed something to give my foot an Arch. I have very flat feet and it causes a few different issues. I would say these are true to size. If you are at the lower end of the size range, you would probably have to trim them which isn't a big deal. The arch is semi rigid but it does offer a lot of support. The only reason I say semi-rigid is because the plastic piece has Cuts or vents in it. It is serving its purpose though. I will definitely be reordering when I need to. I would recommend these only if you plan to leave them in the shoe the majority of the time. Because the bottom is rubber so they don't slide while walking in the shoe, it is a bit of a pain to constantly switch them around. I started to do that but ended up going with a 3/4 insole to move around in my other shoes.


I have have very low arches next to being flat footed. Was using dr scholls pain relief 3/4 arch supports. They worked but after awhile they started shifting in my work boot causing discomfort. The support almost seemed non existent. I bought the okay brand and freaking liv. Full insert with high, hard arches. Excellent support like the over priced vionic line. Also, they are not much more than the dr scholls pain relief I was using. Will be buying a few more pairs for some other shoes I use often to avoid moving them in and out.

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