Natural-Looking Curl!

Our Mallmoremall Long-Lasting Air Eyelash Curleris an electrical eyelash styler which is able to blowwarm and cool air to style eyelashes,including eyelash extensions. Warm air makes mascara dry fast and eyelashes more defining.

The cool air deals with eyelash extensions in asafe and comfortable way without any damage.


  • Safe and comfortable contact with eyelashesfor Silicone brushes
  • Blowswarm and cool airs for curling the eyelash and dry up the mascara at the same time
  • Provides long-lasting natural-looking curls to make your eyes more beautiful.
  • Works on fake eyelashes which can quickly dry up adhesives and curl the fake eyelashes.


    1. Make sure your eyelashes are curled with either moisture or mascara on, comb and press onyour eyelashes.
    2. Make sure the hot air has the ideal temperature (has the air-heating on for 30 seconds ).
    3. Cool air doesn't curl your eyelashes according to the product design.
    4. DON'T use hot air for drying eyelashes grower and glue for false eyelashes.


    • Material: ABS +Silicone
    • Temperature: Warm Air: 53

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