Instantly Correct Small Makeup Smudges, Smears, and Mistakes!

Just think about the time that you need to perfect that lip liner with shaky hands or that time when you are applying waterproof eyeliner and you suddenly sneezed!

Now, you can correct makeup mistakes instantly, all without ruining your look.

  • Get a Picture Perfect Smudge Free Make up -This Makeup Eraser will magically remove all your eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick mishaps. It touches up any marks or stubborn fallout on your eye or cheek without leaving behind a greasy feeling.

  • Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye Look! -This pen will instantly repair that stubborn eyeliner flick and prevent the mess that q tips make. Use the precise correcting tip around the eye to make your eyeliner on point.

  • Never Be Late to Dinner Again -Noneed to remove your entire makeup and start from scratch. Because the tip is so precise, you can focus only on the areas that need attention without removing the makeup that was already applied.

  • Safe Ingredients that Conditions the Skin -Infused with essential ingredients that moisturize the skin, it cleans up every makeup faux pas that comes your way. It has Vitamin E, Cucumber and Chamomile that makes your skin glowing and your selfie game strong.

  • Perfect for throwing in your purse -This pen is so compact that you can include it your small party purse. Take it anywhere and instantly correct all your on-the-road make up boo-boos.

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